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2020 Lexus ES300h Hybrid Ultra Luxury Walkaround

Check out the 2020 Lexus ES300H and all the features this car comes equipped with. Connect with me on social media
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Bil Malik : Lovely car very nice
Kevin Fogarty : Thank you for the video. Beautiful vehicle.
Youlander Davis : Why haven't they made the back seat shades electric?
Saudi ghoul 702 :
M.salem Ss : Can I ask about these rims. If came in Saudi Arabia ?
Ea$t $ide Dina Norteno : Do a review on the 2020 ES 350 F Sport fully loaded and does the F Sport have the bird's eye view for 2020

2003 Lexus ES300 Test Drive and Review

Vehicle-Virgins reviews the 2003 Lexus ES300
Price: $7,000
HP: 210
Torque: 222 ft lbs
0-60: 8.3 seconds
EPA: 18 city, 27 highway

We at Vehicle-Virgins™ are a dedicated group of college students here to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life: buying your first car. What sets us apart from other consumer review organizations is our perspective of review; we approach the cars as any kid would, not only as a professional automotive journalist would. We take into account real-world decision factors such as budget, reliability, safety, and maintenance, but we also rate cars on their appeal to a younger market. At 19 and 20 years old, we have spent lots of time looking for our first cars, and we know what appeals to us as well as our friends.

Our mission is to guide individuals in the right direction for their first car. Vehicle-Virgins reviews popular cars that young buyers are in the market for and helps them decide if the car they are looking at is a good choice.

We are lighthearted individuals who are passionate about cars and hope you find our reviews both informative and funny.

Janalyk Akikatuly : Lexus super
Stevens videos : Switch to sport mode for cornering !
Spaz Tek : I found one for 3k with 150k miles, good deal? I can probably negotiate and get it lower than 3k
lvsurfcat : You two should review an older gen of the is 250 it's more on the sportier younger generation side I have an 04 es 330 it's a keeper
The Brain : People put way too much faith into 0-60 numbers... Like people comparing teriflops on gaming consoles.
Curvygirlink : Ummmmm I think a drug dealer would actually stand out more in a Lexus LMAO. By the way I have the same car same model but upgraded modern 2016 Wheels and tinted windows
Elvis Car Reviews : 2020
Gazmeister Wongatron : I would love to taste their spunk
Abdul Mateen : Look young
Donnie V. : Reliability and comfort is all that matters boys, you'll learn that with age.

2019 Lexus ES300 vs Toyota Camry - Which is Right For You? #autonationdrive

This video is a tale of two cousins: the 2019 Toyota Camry and the Lexus ES300. Which is the best sedan for you? In this video, AutoNation Drive editor John Coyle breaks it down.

#lexus #toyota #newcars

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Ranjit Kaur : toyota camry
vulcanman64 : You said the Camry v6 gets 29mpg highway. It is rated for 33 for the xle and 32 for the xse. I own the xle v6 will all options. I love this car but the money it cost I could have bought the base Lexus.
Rodney Milner : And my favorite Toyota sedan is... The Lexus GS!
Paul Sacco : I rented a Camry when my ES350 was in the body shop after I was rear-ended. The ride wasn't as smooth or quiet and doors didn't feel as solid.
CarsofGlasgow : Great video, I have a video of the IS hybrid vs the CT hybrid if you would like to see it Autonation?
Antonio Prioleau : It's the same car. Lexus just has a few luxury options.
RS Farhan : I agree on both bcuz Both LExus and Camryy are the best sedans and they are same..But to be honest that Lexus drive is better than Camry bcuz LExus is v6 and v8
T8PolestarCyan : I fail to see why people would like to have a Lexus ES. Either I have a Lexus GS or a fully kitted Toyota Camry.
Lou Ferrari : Sounds like a Camry with extra steps
Shawn : Cool cars.. i would be safe with the camry due to its functionality and rep ...




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