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CA-330 & CA-210: Golden Hour in the Inland Empire

This begins at about 3,800 ft elevation on San Bernardino Mountains along southbound California State Route 330. The journey then continues along westbound CA-210 until Interstate 15 interchange.

1. Really Slow Motion - Aligning Hearts
2. Epic Soul Factory - Awakening Hearts
3. The Doobie Brothers - South City Midnight Lady

Recorded with Sony HDR-PJ540. Edited with CyberLink PowerDirector 14.

Join many other road videographers at FreewayJim Facebook group:
B Harper : Love the video and music. Ever heard of Explosions in the sky. I feel like their music would fit well into this vibe
Dayanand : To me, this is your best work so far. I am speechless. My day begins with this video and ends with the same. The video is carefully orchestrated to tell a story. The progression is brilliant. That Dooby tunes is so fitting. In fact, this video can be a template for anyone to cover any scenario (like taxi, takeoff, cruise and landing of any situation). Seriously, thank you!
david adams : Nice buddy! The good old I.E = home.
h0ll0wm9n : As usual, a well-made video. Keep em' comin'. I'm a local and you save me $ from driving ;)
Hisatsinom : You successfully captured a sweet dream with your camera...
jaarmen3 : Beautiful video. Love that Doobie Bros. tune. Thanks for sharing this.
Kevin Lee : Can you do CA-18 or CA-38
Asphalt Planet : This was a beautiful drive. I love driving through California. I've done the Rim of the World Highway up, but I've never done 330.
Trans Canada Phil : I always love the stoner vans at 3:02
Freeway Franks : That was amazing ! I noticed that the quality of your video improved. Is it just me ?

CA-210, West, Foothill Freeway

1. Hillsong Church - For All You've Done Album - For All You've Done
2. Hillsong Church - For All You've Done Album - One Way

Recorded with Sony HDR-CX330.
DC MAC NAMARA : "God rocks."

David Koresh
kwebs10 : Great video! I have never gone east of CA 57 so I have never seen the CA 210 portion of the 210 freeway. So I loved this. May I ask, what did you use to generate the overhead signs?
DJ Penguino : The air (sky) looks a lot cleaner through there than it used to!
Wayne Moore : Nice video.  I'm from Indiana and I drove that road last October.
Levi Maaia : I came upon your video because I am looking for a particular antenna structure somewhere along 210 that I saw this week. It is a red and white self supporting tower with a large horizontal yagi antenna at the top. If you were driving west, it would be just across the eastbound freeway on your left. Any idea where that is? I seem to recall being near some large overpasses while driving in the car pool lane.
Kevin Lee : Nice job on the 210 freeway! Now can I make a request. Can you do 215 freeway, please?
Isosceles Kramer : I've loved your Highway videos, but is the Jesus music and reference to church really necessary? Some of your subscribers may be secular.
h0ll0wm9n : Super job on many fronts:
Slow, smooth, careful driving, mostly in on lane; effective use of tracking signs (very effective how they move and align with exits and cross-roads!); use of video settings (I've been on this route several times, even videographed with an old MiniDV, but you (or your camera/software) nail it with how real/authentic hues/contrasts are to my actual memory of driving the 210. 

In 1080P on a large screen ... beats any big-studio movie, IMO!

I usually mute the audio and choose my own. Techno/electronic/ambient seems to work best for me. E.g., for this, I sync'd in Aes Dana -- Aftermath #3.
Khu NoPie : I'm the only person without a highway driving channel :-(
InterstateJD : I love how much detail you put into these videos... great looking footage and signs! I also enjoyed the Christian soundtrack; a nice change of pace.

2018/03/30 - Interstate 210 West, Los Angeles California

Drivelapse video of Interstate 210 starting in San Bernardino at the Interstate 215 interchange and following the Foothill Freeway westerly until it becomes the Ventura Freeway at US-101
James Gonzalez : Would love to see a drive northbound up the 110 Harbor Freeway from San Pedro through downtown LA.
Azka Gaming Channel : is this a Foothill Freeway, yes or not?
Isosceles Kramer : The city that never ends...
Saad Suliman : Gotta love the old highways my man :)
Saad Suliman : in la
Saad Suliman : Nice vid btw can u do Hawaii? looks like the longest highway
Don't Get Lost : 15:38 Gotta love the creativity of some people. xd
We all need a little touch of CA freeways from time to time.
Enrique Pilleux : Only 360p?
Jayson Proxy : nice.
Walker SFM48'S 2nd Channel : Fantastic Riding Of 210 Freeway (AKA Foothill Freeway) Video, Asphalt Planet.




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