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USA Weld and CK Tig torches CK20/17/9

Here are some CK torches from HTP you can get them at
Edward Hall : CK FL250 CK 2525SF Torch for me now. Uses series 3 consumables. Got it hooked to a amazon cooler for $250. Seems ok but it's a Chinese pump. I'll see how long the pump lasts but so far it's doing just fine.
Benjamin Sanchez : Hey brother just watched your video and I just bought me a lil welder for the house and it comes with a air cooled lift tig torch it looks exactly like the one you have n I wanted to see where I would connect the hose that comes off of the connector the Manual says it’s a gas line so would I just hook it up to the regulator the size is a 5/8”-18 RH
Massimiliano Perego : Beautiful comparison, thanks.
eksine : you really need 20 tig torches? why? get help
Derrick Cohee : Very informative brother. Just watched jody,TOT, and Mr Tig talk ALL day about torches, and your video I think answered more questions that I had combined. I have a CK17 with the primeweld 225acdc. A lincoln 17 with the 210MP. I dont think either machine really requires(or in capable) a water cooler setup, I would love one. But the majority of projects I take on are not 220-250amp project lol. So I was considering grabbing the 17flexloc, and a ck9 in the next month or 2. Because water cooler is only worth it if you have NEED for high amp production style welding(and already own a 250amp machine)[fronius, everlast, dynasty, etc.] My machines dont have a cooler hookup in back...what all machines can be water cooled for less than $2000...any? Lol Anyway, thanks and keep on welding bud!
Taino Sniper : Hey boss, I’m trying to get ck torch for my tig inverter welder is an ac/dc welder 140 amps on tig. I’m trying to get the 25” one and not just buy the flex torch itself and use it with the torch I currently have? How were you able to find these?
deez nuggets : Hey man, I just subscribed... I also sent you an email. Please give me a shout, at your convenience... had a couple questions pertaining to the HTP Invertig221. If it ended up in spam, my email is thanks!
Patrick PK : Hey there good review. i'm deciding between the CK CK225SF FX vs CK CK20-25SF FX. do you ever use an 18 torch? about the only difference I can see in the packages, one is 20 bucks more. anything im missing between the two? newbe, thx
Travis MEDIC518 : Nice stuff WJ. I am purchasing the pp200 next week. I am hoping the Pp200 is capable of running the mk prince xl on it somehow. The prince is made for Lincoln 7pin millermatic 10pin and FRONIUS 9 pin I believe. It's a push pull gun with 25ft gun length. Any chance you might have some insight into this?
The Concrete Box : Wow your cups ans gas lenses are very nicely organized!

2007 Kioti CK20 HST Compact Tractor Loader 4X4 3 Point Hitch 540 PTO For Sale

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A. S. : What did this go for ?

CK20 Assembly

Here is a short video showing the assembly of a CK-20-12 (250A water cooled torch package).

If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 1(800) 426-0877 or email us at
Richelle Seradoy : what can you advice if the torch handle is spinning while welding on a pipe?




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