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Now on special​ Brother P-touch® PT-H110:
I also recommend an AC adapter, because it drains batteries too fast

In this video, I'm sharing my personal thoughts and impressions on Portable P-touch label maker great for home, home office and on-the-go use. Features a QWERTY keyboard, convenient one-touch keys, ​and an easy-view display to preview your labels before printing. Easily personalize your labels with 3 fonts, 14 frames, and over 250 symbols. Also,​ organize your wires and cables with the useful cable labeling feature. Creates labels with 1 or 2 lines of text. Built-in memory stores up to 15 labels for fast reprinting. Uses durable, laminated easy-peel "TZe" https://amzn.to/2IhXAeN tape up to 12mm (~1/2") wide.

For more, stay tuned!

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Brother P-touch® PT-H110 Easy Portable Label Maker

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Nathan James : All I can say is wtf
Eilynn Anastasia : What other language can we print with this label maker?
Gena Hebert : Does this come out ready to stick? Or do u have to peel off the back?
nanysepawi : i just put 6 AAA batteries , next day it says low battery, then what should i do? change the batteries??? but i just put them less than 24 hour.
Maria T : Can you switch tape when it isn't finished to another and then back to the one you had in the label maker before?
2013rm : What languages are there؟
fleng shah : haha nice review, pretty much covered everything that I needed to know and your presentation is very energetic. Keep up the good work!
Wayne Hendry : Thanks.. Now I understand how it works.
kalees waran : Can that be stick directly or need to use tape separately?
Albin Hassan : Thanks, for the great video

Creating a new label layout using P Touch Editor

Alice D : Thanks. How do I SAVE the label?
It won't let me save it. Thanks
Ikester & Reno : Thanks! Please make more tutorial /walk-thru videos for Brother for PT D600. Your video is extremely helpful
R0tten : thank you
Theodore Hartman : Do you know what a pop filter is used for. Poor audio. Someone does not care.

P-Touch Embellish and P-Touch Cube - Brother - Creativation 2019

Lynn Lilly shows us the P-Touch Embellish and the P-Touch Cube.She shows how they print on Washi Tape and Ribbon.
Sum Eyra : Sad it doesnt print on black ribbon with white font
Eirel Vinz : I wanted to buy that, but I'm from Philippines, I can't find any here
Amy Goins : I love mine!
df363-Dinorah : OMG! How did I just find out about this. I need this ASAP!
pmg1180 : No closed captioning?
Abigail Freckleton : Wow I so need one like now!!!
Maria Roberts : Love this product, will it be coming to the UK?
mg mg : Nice cleavage.
Joyce Helms : Can you do a video on p400
marie dun : So limited sucks. Wish would use our own ribbon and not suck. And more print colors. Then this would be a big hit




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