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Manual Transmission, How it works ?

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Working of a Manual transmission is explained in an illustrative and logical manner in this video with the help of animation. Here the working of Sliding mesh and synchromesh transmissions are well illustrated. This video also explains the working of a reverse gear.

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Luminite & Krowdexx @ Intents Festival 2019 (Official Gearbox Videoset)

Time for the next videoset! Luminite vs Krowdexx @ Intents Festival

Let us know which set you want next in the comments!

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[00:00] Luminite, Thyron \u0026 Physika ft. MC Focus - Full Force
[02:31] Krowdexx ft. Luca Lee Josh - I Am The Lord
[04:40] Luminite - Macarena Saga (Deathmatch vs. Reverse) vs. Make It Clap
[07:58] Krowdexx \u0026 Physika - Bassline Homicide
[11:12] Europe - The Final Countdown (Luminite Bootleg)
[12:50] Krowdexx - Say My Name
[15:11] Sins of Insanity \u0026 Hardfunction - Sloth
[16:27] Krowdexx ft. Tha Watcher - Ship of War (Warship 2018 Anthem)
[19:20] Delete \u0026 Luminite - Crime, Violence \u0026 Power
[20:56] Krowdexx \u0026 Navras - Revolve
[23:14] Luminite - Rap Saga (2019 Edit)
[25:30] Frequencerz - Burning (Krowdexx Remix)
[27:46] Luminite - Bass Criminal
[30:03] Krowdexx - ID
[32:21] Luminite \u0026 Thyron - Loud Noises
[35:08] Krowdexx - I'm a MF Bomb
[37:11] Luminite ft. MC Focus - #FearTheGear (Suppression Anthem 2016) (Edit)
[38:45] Krowdexx - Rebellion
[41:24] Luminite \u0026 Ncrypta - Transmission 2.0
[43:40] Krowdexx - Gravedigger
[45:42] Malice \u0026 Luminite - Death Destruction
[46:52] Krowdexx - Victim Of Society
[49:41] Luminite - ID
[51:35] Krowdexx - Moshpit (Frenchcore Edit) vs. Blaster \u0026 Krowdexx - Brainless
[54:53] Luminite ft. MC Focus - Ready, Aim, Fire!

Malice - The Extreme Album Showcase (Gearbox Live Videoset)

What an amazing party it was! Relive the entire Malice liveset here on Youtube. Album will be online on Spotify soon!

Livestream by Pure Bookings / Outlaw Events (Marvin Visser)


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