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Yo Gotti - Black Bill Gates Freestyle (CM5)

i would appreciate it if you check out this vid
Yo Gotti - Black Bill Gates Freestyle (CM5)
Reco Watts : When lil wayne was the King of rap...
Pablo King : The only dude to lil Wayne.. A lil Wayne song ???
Cameron Deaton : ?
Jaeda Thomas : Happy 901 day
marcus jones : ? CAN I GET SOME HEAD ?
Jormel Watson : Back ground temp
Davonta Smith : 2019
M W : 2019 real spill
no smoke : 2018?
Jack : Light shine on my section

Yo Gotti - Somebody Watching Me (CM5)

Yo Gotti - Somebody Watching Me (CM5)
COD ProCamp : When I score shit coke/speed it makes me feel like someone's always watching me, real buzz kill and wa$te.
Local McConnell : I was sleep on up
Jocelyn Burton : 2019 still on fire
kimberly walker : Fuck em .... This my shit.. ayyyeeee .. niggas trying to set me up .. .. we don't talk on phones.. ?
Luwige Wazir : yogotti mama mia $1
Ernest Sims : still bumping 2k18
eastboundkieb : I first heard this when I was riden threw miami heade to south beach.. just broke up with my girlfriend off the plane stranded no hotel ect.. met a jamacian down there an he put me on rented me a car an let me stay at his house.. shit was real as f down there! 5th street!
bigair3211 : old three six was the shit new three six sounds like everyone else my opinion
Saint KC KC Beans : lol r u serious... i dunno i geuss everybody has different taste in my opinion they don't even come close to gotti but everyone has there own opinion i suppose

Yo Gotti - What's Wrong With You (CM5)

Yo Gotti - What's Wrong With You (CM5)
Trav Moe : Has 2 bump this today
purpose and goals : In between them ratchet parts my lil ratchet broad broke his heart maxed his card ?? #LANDLORD
JoAnn Walker-Williams : ????? Gotti a beast ..?
Amazing Amy : A filthy ugly bitch got his ass...
Amazing Amy : African fever
JoAnn Walker-Williams : Watch how you plot ... aye “ never plot out loud” ?
Earnest York : That bitch will neva belong to me
Marcell Griffis : Talk that SHIT ? #REALSHIT
Etoys Wellington : LOL!!!!!
YouTube Is Listening!!!
Don't Take It Offensive YouTube!!!

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