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Aman Raj Chaurasia : Plzz help me sir
Parvaz Jabad : toseba no chanal
Rubin Sarkar : Very nice sir
Sitaram Dhas : Sir DC to DC ic kyu Nani lagayi please sir
Sunakar Bisoi : A mastar ka bisnes he
paresh sahoo : Unlike you most other mechanics are not helpful to consumers. If you know of any mechanic around Puri Orissa India please give me the Mobile Phone number . My LED TV model is LED29HDD.. It's not showing pictures but back light functioning.
Prem Dhaulakoti : Hello sir I am from Nepal I have seen your all repairs videos I am always following your videos and thank you so much for your thoughts n videos because where we could learn so many repair things from your repair videos once again thank you so much sir for wonderful Videos or skills giving to us((sir meroko vi repair kam or ye skills sikne ke liye bhahuut interest hoooo aapka sath lekin meee Nepal seeee hooooo phervi main Nepal meee sikne ko start karuunga meroko sir repair Kam karke Ghar pariwar ke liye paesa kamana chahata hooo afna country ka aandar bhetke aviii meee Qatar meee hooo lekin Nepal janeke bad aapka jaisaa repair Kam karke Ghar pariwar ke sathaa bhetna chahata hooo
Abdul Aziz : sir Ye same bord he Lekin no stb me he to kiya Krun plz helpe
Rajan Kumar : 6207057136
Gayan. Wijethileka : Send me what up nomber 0094766207267

Samsung LCD TV Blinking Indicator Light | Not Oscillating

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For Channel Support:
Mhayjie Sukin : Master ano yong title ng background sound natin at banda?
Michael Go : Galing mo talaga idol,, may natutunan nanaman ako,, salamat
Domingo Barasi : Boss may problems kc TV ko and model LA32A330J1N kc walang ilaw ang istambay tapos nag biablik and puckture niya
Jovit Arraz : Pa shout out nmn cir frm caloocan tnx
Nitz Ferrer : Naka DC Setting ba pag test ng capacitor kung may charged pa?
Dante Dela Torre : pa shout out nman po salamat
Dexter Apurado : Pa shout naman dyan bossing.
PINOY TECHNICIAN : Yun pala ang sikreto mo Kuya GV ha lakas ng paningin, pang amoy at pangdama. Waching from Riyadh KSA. Pashout out sa kaibigan kong si Leo Angelo Galang. Nanunuod yan palagi sa mga video mo.
Lesly Ann Galendez : bhosss
marlon sadili : sir panu po pag nagfaflactuate ang stand by voltage ng tcl led tv.. anu po kaya possible reason.

Trashpicked Samsung LCD TV Repair?

I found a 32" 1080p Samsung LCD TV in the trash. Does it work? If it's broken, can I fix it? (I decide to fix it in Part 2:

Samsung LCD TV Model UN32EH5000F

--- Tools

Deoxit D5:

Jonard Tools EX-2 Chip Extractor:

Wiha Chip Lifter:

O-Ring Pick Set: (I use these to lift chips off boards)

Elenco Electronics LP-560 Logic Probe:

Hakko FR301 Desoldering Iron:

Rigol DS1054Z Four Channel Oscilloscope:

Head Worn Magnifying Goggles / Dual Lens Flip-In Head Magnifier:

TL866II Plus Chip Tester and EPROM programmer: (The MiniPro)

TS100 Soldering Iron:

EEVBlog 121GW Multimeter:

DSLogic Basic Logic Analyzer:

Magnetic Screw Holder:

Universal ZIP sockets: (clones, used on my ZIF-64 test machine)

RetroTink 2X Upconverter: (to hook up something like a C64 to HDMI)

Plato (Clone) Side Cutters: (order five)

Heat Sinks:

Little squeezy bottles: (available elsewhere too)

--- Links

My GitHub repository:

Commodore Computer Club (of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington)

Tivoo Pixel Art Display seen in my videos:

--- C64 Stuff


C64 Test Harness I use:

C64 Homebrew cartridge PCB: (used for the DeadTest / Diag Cart I use)

EasyFlash 3 Multi-Cart:

--- Instructional videos

My video on damage-free chip removal:

--- Music

Intro music by:
Nathan Divino

Outro Music:
Abyss by | e s c p |
Music promoted by
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

--- Donate

To donate to the basement:
Adrian Black / Mail Call PMB 244
4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214-5246
United States

--- Image Credits

iiikeman111 : Hours cut so I dug an almost identical one out of the attic. Was told it was probably the backlight. Gives me hope I can get it back working. Thanks for taking the time
Sagitarius : 20 bucks to fix a POS TV? What do 20 bucks can offer you? Tickets to a movie... not worth it with this covid-19 pandemic, drive for hours in your car... maybe. Dinner at RedLobster? No way RedLobster will run you at least $80 for two. For fun I WOULD spend the $20 to fix the TV and use it in my garage :)
michael foxfoxster : Man you really need to clean that screen. That's just nasty to look at.
Sat Talk : Thanks for putting so hardwork
Cony Mascarenhas : You should go ahead, you've come so far. Great
Carl Beatty : I found a aquos sharp tv, yesterday. It came on but then went off. There was a ton of dust so I cleaned it off and opened it up and blew off anymore dust that might of accumulated inside. Now it won’t come on at all. I wonder what might be wrong?
Gort Newton : Did you fix it? Crazy if you didn't. Then put it on your workshop wall so you can display schematic diagrams on it.
mervel Matthew : Fix it
JD RS : I won’t thumb your video sir, but respectfully, I ask you to fix it; if you haven’t already done so.
William Kaczmarek : You led us down the trouble shooting rabbit hole just to ask us "what should I do?" Fix the goofy thing and either keep it as a spare, or sell it. Jeeze Louise.




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